Winter Cannabis Flavors

Winter Cannabis Flavors

It’s winter, which means festive, cooler weather favorite flavors are everywhere. Maybe you like to indulge in a seasonal peppermint chocolate drink, or maybe anything with cinnamon is more up your alley. Whatever your preference, there’s nothing better than enjoying cozy, familiar flavors and smells during this season – including the products we offer at Balagan Cannabis. Here are some of the winter cannabis flavors you can enjoy all season long – maybe even next to the fire as the snow falls.




No other flavor describes the winter season quite like peppermint. With the signature cool, crisp profile that matches the air outside, it’s the perfect way to embrace the season. So whether you want to enjoy these products fireside or as you watch the snow fall with friends, any of these offer the perfect example of winter cannabis flavors. 


Mr. Moxey’s Zen Peppermint


These calming peppermint CBD mints give you festive vibes with a relaxing side effect.


Sublingual Peppermint CBD Drops


A tincture that offers portability and an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.


Chocolate Mint Bon Bons


Got a sweet tooth? Sweet swirls blend well with the comforting flavors of chocolate with these chocolate mint ganache Bon Bons. Savor the best seasonal flavors with 50mg CBD and 50mg THC to relax you.




There’s something comforting about chocolate during the winter. You can have the same experience with cannabis products.


Churro Milk Chocolate Bar


If chocolate’s more your thing, take a bite out of this Churro Milk Chocolate Bar for a real treat this winter. This edible gives you the relaxing edge you crave and the delicious flavor you want at the end of a cold day.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites


Cookies are always a win this time of year! Snack on one (or several) of these cookie bites with 5mg of THC per bite.


Java Brownie Ice Cream


Are you a fan of ice cream, even during the cold weather? Not even the coldest weather can deter the biggest ice cream lover! If so, try our Java Brownie Ice Cream for a sweet treat this winter.




Cinnamon and spice are oh-so-nice – and they make up many of the season’s wonderful smells and flavors. Get into the festive spirit with cinnamon and spice winter cannabis flavors. These options give you a way to enjoy the flavors of the winter whenever you want and relax and enjoy. 


Petra Saigon Cinnamon Mints


Warm your senses with Petra Saigon cinnamon mints. These little mints bring in the spicy flavor of cinnamon, which can turn any situation into a cozy one. They help you feel relaxed and warm at the same time. 


Mr. Moxey’s Relax Cinnamon Mints


Another option for portable relaxation along with the flavor is another one from Mr. Moxey. These cinnamon mints let you take the spirit of the season wherever you go, including if you have trouble falling or staying asleep.


Shopping for the best winter cannabis flavors? Find yours at and enjoy the season!

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