Relaxing Cannabis Strains During The Holidays

Relaxing Cannabis Strains During The Holidays

Despite some of the joys of this time of year, things can get pretty stressful during the holiday season. Whether shopping for the best gift or gathering with friends and family, the holidays are not always stress-free. So taking care of yourself during this time, like finding ways to relax, is very important. At Balagan Cannabis, we offer dozens of products to help you relax. This article will review some of the most relaxing cannabis strains to use during the holidays. 


What Strains Are Relaxing?


Typically, Indica and Hybrid offer the most relaxing benefits. Indica affects your whole body and is suitable for pain and insomnia relief. However, each strain affects people differently. Knowing how a particular kind of product will affect you is difficult, but choosing Indica is usually a safe bet for relaxation. Some Hybrid products offer relaxation effects as well. 


Effects to Expect


As stated before, no one kind of cannabis affects everyone the same. This means that one person may find a certain product more relaxing than someone else – and that’s okay. It can be frustrating to search for an option that works to relax you most of the time. However, some examples are more consistent in providing the results you want. We will share some of these below.


Some Examples Of Relaxing Cannabis Strains


Black Afghan



One example of a relaxing cannabis flower option is Black Afghan. The Black Afghan flower typically provides euphoric and relaxing effects, providing the whole body with chill-out vibes. In addition, it offers a generally heady and uplifting buzz.


Mint Sherbet 


Mint Sherbet is another good option as a relaxing strain. We offer flower and pre-roll options for Mint Sherbet, which offers full-body relaxation to unwind, and pain relief if needed. It’s also one of the more potent strains and has a well-rounded profile to boost. The earthy and minty aromas are perfect for a post-holiday gathering.


Gelato #33


Gelato is a well-known product that does wonders for relaxation and taking the edge off stressful situations. This particular item is a Hybrid flower, offering an energetic but relaxing high. This is particularly helpful for the holidays after a long dinner with family or a hectic day of shopping. So if you’re looking for relaxing cannabis strains this season, you can’t go wrong with giving Gelato #33 a try.


Double Krush


“Krush is King.” This strain is perfect if you crave a deep, relaxed sensation amidst the holiday season stress. As a hybrid, Double Krush will give you the time out from the stress and tension that you want. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t cause you to feel sleepy, which means you can use this at any time of day. This Indica product consists of about 32% THC to give you a relaxed high.


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Want to find cannabis items to help you relax during the holiday season? Balagan Cannabis offers dozens of products that are perfect for taking the edge off the stress that can come during this time of year. Shop our collection here.