4 Cannabis Strains with High THC Levels

4 Cannabis Strains with High THC Levels


Whether you are new to cannabis or a more experienced user, you probably know something about the different effects it can create. There are several components that impact the way a product makes you feel, and one of those is the THC level. High-testing flower is a type of marijuana product that has high levels of THC.


What Are High THC Levels?


As the cannabis industry grows, the products have increased in potency. Just less than twenty years ago, marijuana did not have as much THC. However, this has changed in recent years. It’s not uncommon to see several strains with a fair amount of THC. Now, products with over 20% of THC are considered high. While there is not a direct correlation between high THC levels and potent effects, it does have an impact.


THC Level in Flowers


Depending on the environment the marijuana grows in, the THC levels can vary. In cannabis flowers, the levels are typically higher than in other products. There are several potent strains with levels between 30-34%. This is generally the highest amount of the ingredient that is sold on the market today. Since there are several components that go into specific strains and their effects, the presence of high amounts does not always correlate to stronger physiological changes.


Effects And Potency


Despite what is commonly thought, high THC levels do not always mean that a strain is the most potent. In fact, there are several factors that go into how strong the effects of a particular product or strain are. These include the environment, soil, and interaction with other compounds in the plant. Instead of just being related to how much of a specific ingredient is in a product, specific effects occur because of a relationship between different compounds. In this respect, it’s possible to experience strong effects even with a relatively low amount of THC.  Some commonly sought-after psychoactive effects from these potent strains can include:


  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Stress reduction


Many of these strains start with a head high and can progress to full-body relaxation. The thing to keep in mind is that your individual chemistry impacts how you respond to a specific strain. No one strain affects everyone the same. 


High-Testing Flower Products 


Here are some of the products you can find at Balagan Cannabis with the highest levels of THC:


Brownie Scout by Rythm


This Indica strain has 35% THC and is one of the most potent products we offer.


Quattro Kush by Smyth Cannabis Co


Another strain that can target stress with 32.27% THC.


Kitchen Sink by Heirloom Collective


A hybrid product with approximately 28% THC. This product can sometimes help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


High Society by Solar Gold


This high-testing flower comes with around 30% and can produce euphoric effects.



Balagan Cannabis offers a variety of products depending on your needs and interests. Try out one of our most potent strains, relax with an edible, or peruse our collection to see what’s right for you. Our team members can help you find the best product for your goals. Come in person to 235 Main Street in Northampton or shop online at balagancannabis.com.