About Balagan Cannabis

Cannabis Dispensary located in Northampton, MA

Who’s behind Balagan Cannabis?

Balagan Cannabis Team

About Balagan Cannabis Dispensary

We are a constellation of lifelong friends from Northern Israel who found our way to Western Massachusetts through a stroke of luck and love. With a passion for cannabis and a background in retail, we set out to create a special in-store experience in downtown Northampton that would cater to the current local surrounding area. 

A note from us:

Cannabis is big business, but we’re proof that there’s a need for the boutique brand experience. We are so grateful to have been embraced by the community, and we pay that support forward through our commitment to local growers and suppliers.

The Balagan Way:

We believe that cannabis can be used to great effect by most people. Whether it’s to unwind, lock in, quiet the mind, or find inspiration, cannabis offers a safe and natural solution that can vastly improve quality of life.

But like everything else, it’s important to make informed purchases. Balagan’s budtenders are a team of cannabis enthusiasts who have all the knowledge and experience to make personalized recommendations. We will advise you based on your preferred consumption method, desired effects, and the degree of psychoactive experience you’re comfortable with.

Balagan Cannabis About Us


"Vast selection of local products and edibles. Very impressed with the staffs welcoming attitude and knowledge. They were happy to answer any questions and provided an educational, top not purchasing experience for a first-time buyer. Stopped by at the Balagan Cafe right next store, can't wait to go back to Balagan Cannabis!"
Ben O.