Why Do Customers Love Pre-Rolls?

Why Do Customers Love Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls are a customer favorite, and we have a feeling they will be your new favorite too. Pre-rolls are great for helping you find the right dose, having a perfect travel setup, and they are easy to use and enjoy. 


What Is A Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is a joint that is ready to smoke. It is already filled with cannabis and rolled tightly, so all you need to do is grab a lighter, find your fave smoking spot, and light it up. Pre-rolls are typically made from the same (but sometimes different) strains, and the buds are ground down, and then the pockets of air are removed as they are rolled, creating the perfect not too loose, not too tight roll. Pre-rolls come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, doses, and strains, so you have plenty of products to choose from when trying to find the right pre-roll for your needs.


Pre-Rolls Make Life Easy

Pre-rolls have many benefits, and they are perfect for anyone, from the new cannabis user to a seasoned veteran. Pre-rolls are perfect for picking the right dose, strain, and effects for a more personalized smoking experience. They are also great for traveling, when you are on the go, or if you need a quick smoking session when you get home. 


Pre-roll Benefits

  • Less mess
  • Portable
  • Affordable 
  • High-quality 


Types Of Pre-Rolls


Indica Pre-Rolls

Indica strains are perfect for helping you relax, ground, and enjoy calming energy. Indica will help you sleep better, so it’s ideal for those days when you don’t have much to do, and you just need a little rest and relaxation. Indica will cause less paranoia and is the perfect mellow experience for those who need to reduce stress and sleep better. 


Try These:

Black Mamba 3-Pack 29% THC

Sativa Pre-Rolls

Sativa strains will boost your serotonin and give you the energy to nail your to-do list or get super creative. Sativa helps with anxiety and depression, so it’s perfect for giving you some relief during the day. 


Try These:

Sour Diesel Pre-roll 27%

Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Hybrid pre-rolls combine a mix of Sativa and Indica. Hybrid pre-rolls are all unique, so they will require more research on how they will affect you. All strains have their own terpene profile, so you can find the right blend for better sleep, pain relief, or relaxation. 


Try These:

Cookies and Cream Pre-roll 28% THC


If you would like to view our entire pre-roll collection, you can check them out here. We also would love to help you out in-store if you have any questions or need support in finding the perfect pre-roll. 


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