Perfect Edibles for a Beach Day

Perfect Edibles for a Beach Day

Summer is right around the corner, which means plenty of beach days, parties, and warm days enjoying the sun, edibles, and the beach. Personally, we can’t wait to hit the beach and soak up the sun, but of course, we need to pack our bags with the best summer items to make the most of our beach days. We want your summer to be relaxed, blissful, and recharged, so here is our beach day checklist and edibles for the perfect beach day. 

Our Favorite Beach Day Edibles 

First things first, a beach day is not complete without the perfect edibles to help you kick back and relax. So we have yummy gummies and seltzers you will love to bring with you on your next trip to the beach. 

Cannatrip Lemon Basil Seltzer

You will want to throw a few Lemon Basil Seltzers into your summer cooler. These cannabis-infused seltzers are juicy with a hint of spice and taste like a Hawaiian vacation. They have a 3:2 ratio (2mg CBD/3mg THC making them the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the waves. 

Kanha Mango Indica Gummies

We love these all-natural gummies made with the perfect balance of juicy and sweet. Each bag contains 100mg THC (10mg per gummy) that offers the ideal induced calm and relaxed state of mind. 

Mindy’s Cool Keylime Kiwi Gummies

Keylime and summer days just go together, and these artisanal edibles are a delicious delight for your taste buds and your mind. These delicious gummies are packed with 100mg of THC and a yummy balance of key lime pie with a hint of tropical kiwi. 

Perfect Beach Day Checklist 

Now that you have the perfect edibles backed in your beach bag or cooler, here are a few more tips to have the perfect beach day. 

  1. Sand toys (you are never too old to build a sandcastle)
  2. Picnic blanket
  3. Beach towels 
  4. Beach umbrella
  5. Snacks and drinks
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Sun hats 
  8. Change of clothes
  9. Chairs for comfy seating 
  10. Large blanket or towel for your picnic
  11. Games to play 
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Cooler
  14. Camera or polaroid 
  15. EDIBLES!


We can’t wait to hit the beach and hang out with our loved ones this summer, and you can bet these tasty edibles will be in our bags. We hope this checklist and our favorite Balangan products will help you have the best summer ever, and don’t forget to tag us in your beach day pictures on Instagram! Also, if you are in town and have time to stop by, we would love to share some of our other favorite edibles with you (including infused ice cream)!

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