Thanksgiving Cannabis Products

Thanksgiving Cannabis Products

Are there Thanksgiving cannabis products to help keep you calm? Let’s face it: the holidays can be stressful. Family gatherings, hosting loved ones, and the beginning of the shopping season add up. Even though this is the favorite time of year for many people, some anxiety and stress come with it. So what do you do when you want to relax? You can try deep breathing exercises, enjoy a warm bath, and yes – cannabis products can help, too.

Best Relaxing Strains


If you’re new to cannabis, you might wonder about the best strains to help you relax. Typically, Indica strains help you feel chilled out more than others – perfect for after Thanksgiving dinner or a day shopping with the family. You also want to find a balance between CBD and THC components. Higher THC concentrations offer a more sedative effect, while more CBD than THC allows you to relax while staying focused. These are some of our favorite relaxing cannabis products to help you take the edge off this Thanksgiving. 


Thanksgiving Cannabis Edibles


1906 New Highs Bliss Drops


These drops balance out at 100mg THC and CBD each for a blissful, relaxing effect.


Full Spectrum Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites


Skip the post-Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and enjoy one of these bites instead! These bites give you the perfect amount of sweetness with a boost of 5mg THC.


Incredibles Snoozzze Berry Gummies


Have trouble winding down at night? Give these delicious gummies a try.




Cultivate Chocolate OG Pre-rolls


Share the relaxation with these pre-rolled joints that pack a delicious chocolate flavor.


Ace Weidman’s Motorbreath #15 Pre-roll


Need something to really take the edge off with a euphoric boost? These will do the trick.


Cookies Pancakes Pre-roll


Who can resist the smell of a plate of warm pancakes? Experience this and a relaxing head high with these pre-rolls.




Fernway Berkshire Gold Cartridge


Enjoy the woodsy flavor of Berkshire-grown cannabis vape with 88% THC.


ROVE DREAM Hybrid Disposable Vape Cart


An all-body relaxation experience paired with energy to keep you going during the holidays.


ROVE OG Indica Vape


The perfect option for total relaxation with one of our most potent vape products.




Rhythm Brownie Scout Flower


As one of the strongest strains, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. But for post-family gatherings, it might be just what you need.


Cresco Premium Flower


This is one of our best sellers, so find out why! This flower provides relaxation and euphoria in one experience. Due to its strong effect, it’s perfect for a post-Thanksgiving chill-out session.


Nature’s Heritage Double Krush


As a hybrid flower product, Krush will relax and relieve tension and pain any time of the day. 


Thanksgiving Cannabis 


Whether you’re looking for an edible, flower, vape, or more – we’ve got something for you at Balagan Cannabis. Thanksgiving can be stressful, so enjoy some much-needed relaxation and take the edge off with our products. We hope we’ve inspired you as you prepare to gather with friends and family. Shop our collection online or visit us at 235 Main Street in Northampton today.