5 Facts About Live Resin

5 Facts About Live Resin

Balagan Cannabis has recently added live resin to our product offerings. This concentrate provides a unique and distinct experience.  There are many great cannabis options available on the market. We offer something for every preference, including concentrates. If you have never tried this product or want to learn more, here are 5 quick facts to know.


Fact 1: Live Resin Is A Compound


Live resin is a cannabis compound that’s extracted from a cannabis plant, also known as a concentrate. This process is highly technical and requires skilled knowledge and equipment. First, the compound is directly extracted from the cannabis plant and flash frozen – meaning the nutrients and flavor remain intact. It’s similar to how fruits and vegetables are frozen at their peak to retain optimum nutrient profiles. Once the compound is extracted, it can be formed into different types of formats for use and consumption.


Fact 2: Robust Flavor and Aroma


Due to the way that this type of concentrate is extracted, the result is a compound with distinct and robust flavor and aroma profiles. Other compounds undergo a curing process, which can alter the taste and smell of cannabis. This curing process is skipped with live resin so that you can taste and smell its high-potency terpenes. As a result, you get a top-quality cannabis flavor experience.


Fact 3: It Comes In Different Forms


Live resin comes in different forms for consumption. The most common are shatter, budder, and sauce forms. These can be purchased directly or incorporated into other products to boost the taste and effect. You can use pre-filled vape rolls or a dab rig for an enhanced experience. Balagan Cannabis recently began offering concentrate-infused products like Lost Farm Sour Cherry gummies.  It’s a way to experience cannabis concentrates in an edible that you might already be familiar with before jumping in right away.


Fact 4: Live Resin Storage Matters


Like any form of cannabis, storage matters; proper storage conditions help ensure long-lasting flavor and quality. Since this type of concentrate is sourced and extracted so carefully, this is especially important with this compound. The best way to store cannabis compounds is in a cool, dry space. Avoid areas with high humidity, like a bathroom. If you’re unsure of any specific area that fits the bill, store your concentrate product in the fridge.


Fact 5: Higher Costs


This compound is a premium cannabis product that sometimes comes with a higher price tag. However, the potency, flavor, and overall experience that comes with these products is top of the line. Few products can compare to what you expect with these concentrates, whether on its own or infused into another product. So even if the price of the compound is higher than other cannabis products, the experience is worth it for many people.


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