Cannabis for Sleep: Does it Help?

Cannabis for Sleep: Does it Help?

A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t know how to remedy the situation. Poor sleep affects your well-being, including immunity, mood, and energy levels. On a chronic level, these factors are exacerbated. Poor sleep, including chronic insomnia, affects roughly 10 – 15% of American adults. It’s why many consider cannabis for sleep to be a helpful tool to combat insomnia and other conditions. 


Best Strains for Insomnia 


Medical marijuana, in particular, has offered insomnia sufferers much-needed relief. There are several ways in which these products can help. The first is that specific ingredients in certain strains can help regulate your sleep cycle. Our modern lifestyles can disrupt optimum sleep levels, affecting everything from your health to your mood. In general, products with higher levels of THC induces sleep more than those with higher CBD levels. 


Specific strains also contribute to better sleep. When purchasing marijuana, you can choose from three strains: Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid blend. As an example of how to use cannabis for sleep, consider Indica, which relaxes and soothes the mind and body. This is very helpful for people who struggle to fall or stay asleep.


Pros Of Using Cannabis For Sleep


There are several advantages of using marijuana products to address your sleep concerns. First, there are generally no side effects when used for sleep, provided that the correct dosage is followed and administered. Please ask your doctor before starting or changing any medication or substances. Weed products are an alternative to opioids and other addictive substances that can cause problems down the line. However, following a correct dosage as well as avoiding overreliance on cannabis for sleep problems may help avoid some concerns.


Best Products for Sleep


Here are some of the best marijuana products for sleep that we offer at Balagan Cannabis.


Bedtime Betty’s Fruit Chews


Non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables make up these yummy gummies. These gummies are lemon and honey flavored with THC extract for a good night’s sleep.


Dr. Solomon’s Doze Drops


A drop or two of these will ease away the stress of the day. Non-habit forming with 50mg CBN/50mg THC blend.


Chocolate Pre-rolls


These pre-rolled joints are disposable and perfect for sharing. A chocolate taste lingers as you exhale as stress, pain, and sleeplessness become a thing of the past.


Timing Your Intake for Bedtime


The timing of cannabis intake makes a difference in your sleep goals. Sometimes the effects can cause excitability rather than relax you. You also might experience an overuse interruption of your REM cycle, which works against good sleep rather than promoting it. For this reason, in addition to finding the right blend, we recommend planning your intake for an hour before bedtime.


Other Good Sleeping Habits


In addition to trying cannabis to help you sleep, building and maintaining healthy habits can work together. The following tips can complement cannabis use as you seek to get better sleep:


  • Follow a consistent bedtime routine
  • Avoid screen time at least 1-2 hours before bed
  • Invest in blackout curtains or a sleep mask
  • Do something relaxing before bed
  • Try marijuana products


Try Cannabis for Sleep


If a good night’s sleep regularly escapes you, give high-THC products a try. Shop our collection of cannabis products online or in-store at 235 Main St in Northampton, MA. 

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