Halloween Edibles Guide

Halloween Edibles Guide

Looking for a Halloween Edibles Guide?  The good news is that candy is not just for kids. At Balagan Cannabis, we offer a variety of edibles perfect for all kinds of grown-up Halloween fun. So, whether you’re looking for an adult version of your favorites with some added relaxation or energy, we’ve got something for you. Here are ten of our favorite products for you to try as part of our Halloween Edibles Guide. 

Halloween Edibles Guide


Berry Good Things Fruit Chews


Looking for an alternative to standard fruit chews this season? Berry Good Things by Betty’s Eddies offer a THC-boosted dose of flavors made from naturally sourced fruits and vegetables. They’re non-GMO, too!


Camino Wild Berry Gummies


Who doesn’t love gummy candy? Try out a more adult version of your childhood favorite with Camino wild berry gummies. Made with the indica strain, these gummies help set you up for a relaxing evening ahead. 


Cheeba Chews Caramel Taffy


Cheeba Chews hits those caramel notes that everyone loves. If you’re a caramel lover, these are for you. The blend of THC and CBD cannabinoids work to boost your mood with each delicious bite. These chews are gluten and peanut free.


Kanha Strawberry Indica Gummies


When you want a gummy that calms instead of amps, Kanha Strawberry Indica Gummies are a solid choice. These gummies are relaxed and sleepy, perfect for after trick or treating.  Each package contains 10 gummies made with real ingredients and the highest quality sourced cannabis. Other flavors are available as well.


Wana Sour Fast Acting Gummies


Calling all sour candy fans – this one’s for you! Pick up some Wana sour fast-acting gummies. Limoncello is a favorite flavor, but you have a few to choose from. These gummies deliver a blissful and relaxed effect in only 15 minutes. 


Forbidden Fruit Dried Apple Slices


Want something close to the real source but with an added boost? Try THC-infused dried apple cinnamon slices. They’re America’s first cannabis-infused dried fruit, and we know you’ll love them.


COAST 1:1 Dark Chocolate Bar


There couldn’t be a solid Halloween Edible Guide without chocolate! At Balagan Cannabis, we have something for your chocolate cravings. A great option for any chocolate lover is COAST’s 1:1 Dark Chocolate Bar, which gives you great cocoa flavor paired with the effects you want from a cannabis edible.


increDiBles Monkey Bar Chocolate Bar


Move over, standard chocolate and nut bars! This bar delivers the taste you expect with these flavor profiles and adds THC for an uplifting and blissful mood. This one’s available for a limited time – perfect for our Halloween edibles guide!


Byky Hazelnut Espresso Bons Bons


Prefer a more mature flavor profile? Byky Hazelnut Espresso Bons Bons offers a strong and delicious flavor combination, while also providing the high you want from an edible. It’s the best of both worlds, really.


Double Baked Cake Batter Cheesecake


Sometimes you want something rich and decadent that regular ol’ candy just can’t give you. If that’s you, try the Doubled Baked Cake Batter Cheesecake chocolates that give you the taste of your favorite desserts along with fast-acting Sativa strain cannabis. 


Halloween Edibles Guide Products At Balagan Cannabis


Ready to try these edibles out for yourself this Halloween? Stop by our storefront at 235 Main St in Northampton or order online today.